Zac's Tipis

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About our Tipis

Our Tipis are all individually made to our clients specifications at our workshop in Tipi Valley, Wales.


We only use 12-14oz cotton duck down canvas for our tipis, guaranteed rot and water proof.

Tipi poles


Green pine poles from sustainable forests are individually cut to measure, hand stripped and sanded to a smooth finish.

Wolf design on tipi


We follow the tipi design of the original native American Indians who lived on the plains, some of whose descendants are customers of ours today.

If you wish we can paint your tipi with a unique design. Why not give us your birth sign and, for a little extra, we will paint your animal sign on the door of your tipi?

About Us

Zac's Tipis is a family business run by Chic and Ann. Chic has been building and living in tipis for over 30 years.

Tipis at sunset
Rainbow Lodge
One of our rainbow big lodges
Horse design on tipi
Traditionally decorated Tipi